Do you know when you buy a food related product where your ingredients are coming from? Well, we know! Tracebility is very important. Tunimi has a database with all the fish species that are imported and each batch of fishs are labeled.


This method provide us information about:

  • Kind of specie of fish, 
  • Where is it caught,
  • How its caught (which vessel/net/ pole,…).
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Theire are many ways to catch a fish. But some are more effective then the other.


Commercial fishing has 6 main methods:

  • Trawlers
  • Pure sein,
  • Dredging
  • Long Line Fishing
  • Nets
  • Aqua Culture
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Fishing area

The sea is devided in different area's/zones and segments. Each Fishing Vessel has to fish according certain rules. Respecting These rules will result in a healthy ecosystem which will boost fish populations.

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Fish Species

Fishing for a specific specie is one of the most  difficult and time consuming objective in fishing.

Trawlers are mostly used because they are easy to use and catch large quantities of different other species.  This creates a oversupply of small fish species. This creates a problem because they are to expensive to process. Tunimi adapted to this issue and use all these small bycatch fishes. This little fish contains large amounts of young dna, omega 3 oils, and minerals.

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Tracking, catching, preserving and keeping the fish as fresh as possible is key. Therefor most fishes will be processed and freezed within a short period of time in order to preserve and eliminate the growth of Bacterias and Pathogens